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Tera Zarra & Three For Silver on the Portland Music Stream

Sunday, September 27
Show | 7pm

Tera (SUPERNOVA) Zarra is the hardest working strongwoman in America. Striving to push past physical limitations and smash expectations, she brings world-class entertainment with her one-woman comedy strength show.

Three For Silver will provide the soundtrack for tonight’s show.

Tickets are $15 to view the Live Stream of this performance.
You may purchase a 10-pack of shows from the Portland Music Stream HERE for $65.
You may also purchase a full season subscription for Season 5 of the Portland Music Stream HERE for $100.

A limited number of VIP IN-PERSON seats will be sold for this event. These tickets are $30 each and everyone who attends must adhere to strict social distancing and masking guidelines. There will be no eating or drinking and use of the facilities will be limited.

Thanks for your support!

Tera Zarra website