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CONSIDER THIS on Black Political Power in Oregon

Wednesday, September 14
Doors: 6pm Show: 7pm
$15 to $30

Oregon Humanities presents an onstage conversation about on the state of Black political power in Oregon with Joy Alise Davis, executive director at Imagine Black; Keith Jenkins, director of Southern Oregon Black Leaders, Activists, & Community Coalition; and Marcus LeGrand, vice-chair of Bend-La Pine Schools. Journalist Bruce Poinsette will facilitate the conversation.

General Admission
Price: $15

Conversation Starter
Price: $30

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About Our Guests

Joy Alise Davis has consulted on urban planning, urban design, and racial equity projects with government bureaus in Oregon for over five years.  She is the founder of the award-winning Design + Culture Lab, a research-driven, urban-social enterprise that works at the intersection between identity and place. Currently, she serves as the president and executive director of Imagine Black, where she works to help our Black community imagine the alternatives they deserve and build political participation to achieve those alternatives.

Keith Jenkins was the deputy field director for We Count Oregon and is currently leading community outreach and political strategy for Southern Oregon Black Leaders, Activist, & Community Coalition (SOBLACC).

Marcus LeGrand is the Afrocentric Program coordinator and a professor of business and human development at Central Oregon Community College. He serves on the board of Bend-La Pine Schools and volunteers for numerous organizations.  He is a Navy veteran who fought in the Persian Gulf and the father of a daughter and son.

Bruce Poinsette is a writer, educator, and community organizer whose work is primarily based in the Portland Metro Area. He hosts “The Blacktastic Adventure: A Virtual Exploration of Oregon’s Black Diaspora.” In addition to his professional writing work, Poinsette volunteers with Respond to Racism LO, a grassroots antiracism organization in his hometown of Lake Oswego.

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