Michael Namkung – Good Pain: The Art of Being Hurt – Limited Capacity Seating

To be fully alive is to stop running from pain, so that we can learn to listen to it and receive its gifts of revelation.   The secret language of pain is also the secret language of joy and happiness.  Join Michael Namkung for an evening of poetry, storytelling and total bodily collapse.   Opening musical performance by Steven Gosvener. WE ARE LIMITING SEATING TO 60% OF CAPACITY FOR THIS SHOW.THIS SHOW FEATURES AN ASL INTERPRETER WELCOMES THE DEAF AND HARD-OF-HEARING COMMUNITY TO ENJOY THE SHOW.$25 General Admission $40 Preferred Seating (seating in the first 5 rows of the center section) For the health and safety of everyone, at this time, entry to the Alberta Rose Theatre requires proof of a full course of COVID vaccination. Masks are required in all indoor public spaces per the current State of Oregon mandate. Depending on the audience size, distancing may not be possible. Minors ok when accompanied by a parent or guardian. 4 years old and under will not be permitted. 5 and older must have proof of vaccination and a matching photo ID for entry. Please do not attend the show if you are feeling sick in any way.  We will exchange or reschedule your ticket.     The mandate stipulates that performers in live theater events are not required to be masked.  Our performers will not be masked during this performance.     This information is provided so each patron can make a well-informed decision based on their own personal comfort level.  These guidelines may change prior to performance.